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Pride in training, technical skill and experience

With 36 staff, 18 of whom are technical - the Newlands team are ready to assist providing up to date diagnostics, support, service, installation and repair of auto electrical breakdowns.

Newlands hosts a wealth of knowledge and experience which is essential to an efficient and precise service. With direct buying power from a number of electrical suppliers including Hella, Eroad and Tait and a partnership with battery manufacturers Century and Yuasa, they have access to the best products and technology at a great price

“With more and more vehicle components being powered by batteries the future of the auto electrical industry is looking strong. Every year more car manufacturers bring out electric vehicles and other battery powered componentry and technology which we are constantly keeping abreast of. Our modern workshops are fitted out and conveniently located to help our customers with all of their auto electrical needs, now and into the future.” Robert Newlands, Director.

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