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Efficient & effective

fleet management

Come in store, phone or enquire online.
Newlands sales staff can talk you through the benefits of EROAD. The service team can install the components in your vehicles.

Improve productivity, customer service and maximise uptime with EROADS GPS tracking fleet management system. EROAD’s accurate tracking will enable improved visibility across your fleet and the advanced reporting will provide you with the best data, to take the guesswork out of business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

The system takes the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights for your business.

Significantly reduce one of the largest fleet expenses
Fuel is one of the largest expenses for fleets, so fuel efficiency is crucial and can generate huge savings.


EROAD helps you understand your fleet’s fuel consumption patterns and identifies areas of unnecessary fuel use, such as: Fuel wasted through excessive idling and extra fuel used in poorly tuned vehicles.

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