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If it runs on a battery Newlands can repair

or service it 

The auto electrical service and repair specialists in Canterbury

See Newlands Auto Electrical to repair...


• Starter Motors
• Alternators and Generators
• Electric D
oor Locks and Windows
• Engine Protection Systems
• Engine Monitoring and Diagnostics
• Speedo and Instrument Repairs

• Air Conditioning Repairs
• Horn Repairs
• Window Wiper Repairs
• Lighting Repairs/ Bulb Replacement
• Headlight Adjustment and Replacement
• Trailer Lamps and Wiring

“At Newlands we know what we are doing because we have been working on vehicles throughout 90+ years of electrical evolution.” says managing director Robert Newlands. Using sophisticated computer software to assist in engine and electrical programming and diagnostics, you are just as likely to see our technicians using a laptop as the more traditional tools of the trade.


“We use up-to-date computer based technology to assist in identifying and diagnosing faults which provides the added benefit of speedier and less costly repairs”, says Robert.


Of course computers are only as good as their operators - and our auto electrical technicians are good - extremely good.


The sheer volume and variety of vehicles that pass through our workshop has earned Newlands the reputation of being an industry leader.


We are also able to provide customised solutions to clients, with a specialist team that designs and manufactures electrical components and systems where needed.


Our technicians have a vast amount of experience with trucks, agricultural vehicles and heavy machinery, which make up the bulk of our work, but we also know our way round cars, motorcycles and even scooters.


“A lot of people don’t know what auto-electricians do. If it’s anything electrical – starting, battery, lights, electric windows, engine tuning, gauges – then come to us. It’s what we do.”

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