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Farming electrical equipment repairs

Newlands offer a range of repairing services for electrical farming equipment

When your Load Bars or Electric Fence Unit is not working deal with Newlands Auto Electrical, the Canterbury business that can fix the lot.

Newlands specialist repair services include:

• Trutest Service Agent

• Trutest Load Bars

• Trutest Load Bar Readers

• EID Stick Readers

• Trutest Stafix Fence Units

• PEL Fence Units

• Speedrite Electric Fence Units

• Trutest Fence Testers

• Iconix Load Bars

• Iconix Load Bar Readers

• Gallagher Load Bars

• Gallagher Load Bar Readers

• Gallagher Electric Fence Units

• Gallagher Fence Testers

• Repairs to Jenquip Equipment

• Apix Irrigation Clocks

• Batch Latch Gate Release Timers

• Pasture Plate Meters

• Shoof Milk Warmers


If the team at Newlands look at anything and can’t fix it, they will find somebody that does.

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