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Custom-made wiring looms and harnesses are available from Newlands Group

After 30 years of manufacturing wiring harnesses and electrical systems, Newlands have developed the expertise to meet any electrical requirements.


Newlands are proud to work with companies around New Zealand to produce high quality products that are distributed all over the world. They have connections with international and local suppliers to provide both cable and associated automotive materials. Newlands can create pre-cut cable and terminated crimping ends, if you need it, chances are they can make it!

Please enquire by phone: 03 308 7234 or email by clicking the button below.

Prefabricated Electrical System Packages
Newlands have developed an innovative approach to connecting your transportation vehicles with prefabricated harnesses and electrical systems. 
The experienced team manufacture top-of-the-line harnesses and electrical systems in their workshop. They are then distributed as pre-assembled packages that can easily be installed off site. 

Your specifications are taken into account and Newlands team will assemble a package to suit your functionality requirements. This results in an easy, cost effective strategy to get your transportation fleet running efficiently. 
All packages are supplied with the specified components, along with instructions for your local auto electrician to set up. Newlands offer technical advice and customer care solutions to make sure your new harnesses and electrical systems are operating effectively.

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We work within a wide variety of industries including; OEM manufacturing, custom design & build, agriculture, road transport, marine and hydraulic.


Connection systems are designed to be functional, reliable and supplied in an innovative, easy-to-use package. This leads to an impressive end result: 
• Lower cost
• Reduced mass
• Improve functionality 
• Smaller packaging 

• Improve reliability 
• Fewer wires
• Smaller gauge size 
• Fewer splices 

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