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Taking charge in cooler days to come
Cold weather slows everything down, especially the chemical reaction happening inside your batteries. In fact, at 0degC, a car’s battery loses about 35% of its strength—but your engine requires so much more power to start!

Before winter gets a chilly grip on your battery, have your electrical system tested, including your battery and alternator.
Also, check the battery using a voltmeter to make sure it’s in good condition. Your voltmeter should read 12.4 volts or higher.
Keep the battery fully charged throughout winter using a battery charger or maintainer, especially if you make frequent short drives (less than 2 kms).
It’s important to properly maintain the components around your battery too. Make sure cables, posts and fasteners are in good shape, and check battery connections to confirm they are clean and tight.
Use a wire brush to clean off any corrosion and secure the battery to the battery tray to prevent excessive vibration.

Should your battery need replacing you can now purchase batteries online and have them delivered. Your local Canterbury company Newlands Auto Electrical has been in business for more than 86 years and offers a very wide range of batteries for sale at

If you stop into a branch in Rolleston, Ashburton or Timaru they will test your batteries for free. With auto electrical technicians at each branch they can check other issues if the battery is not at fault.
Newlands mobile fleets can visit on-farm should you have battery or auto electrical issues. Their service vehicles are well stocked with tools and parts to sort many common issues and their branches stock a large range of auto parts making sure you get back in action quickly.


A large percentage of all breakdowns are due to the battery and in the winter continuous use of windscreen heaters or the air conditioning system takes power and makes heavy demands on the battery.
Having your air conditioning checked in the winter is a smart idea, not only for preserving your battery but it may mean you avoid a wait occurred when customer demand is high in spring.


Call Newlands again! They can service and repair all vehicles and machinery air conditioning at their yards or onsite.

You may want other electrical systems sorted at the same time such as; electric fence repairs, solar systems and weigh scales. They have electric fence batteries, solar panels, regulators and inverters all available as well as the expertise to check and/or set up the ideal system for your needs.

Newlands technicians can also check and replace lights on vehicles and farm machinery – another good thing to address before temperatures fall and the days become shorter.  

Book or enquire online or phone 0800 153 771 for a booking, advice or more information.